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PVC tracksuit set

PVC tracksuit set - jacket and pants

1,299.00 CZK

Everyone one loves PVC Bedwear so here is a great opportunity to fulfill that fantasy. Our Popular SU40 style (Jacket and matching trousers) at a cheaper price! Great value Jacket and trouser set in popular bedtime colours.

Velikostní tabulka výrobce/Size chart:
Size S - Chest 101cm, Waist 58-81cm, Hips 104cm
Size M - Chest 112cm, Waist 68-91cm, Hips 109cm
Size L - Chest 119cm, Waist 74-109cm, Hips 127cm
Size XL - Chest 132cm, Waist 81-112cm, Hips 140cm
Size 2XL - Chest 140cm, Waist 89-134cm, Hips 155cm