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PVC kalhotky Blue glass-clear

PVC panties Blue glass-clear

PVC panties with rubber bands

899.00 CZK

Classic deep plastic pants with wide waist elastic and thin leg elastic, whether it be fun, fetish or incontinence, these pants are ideal.

Velikostní tabulka výrobce/Size chart:
Size XS - Waist 51-91cm, Hips 112cm, Legs 34-62cm
Size S - Waist 55-100cm, Hips 112cm, Legs 34-62cm
Size M - Waist 58-136cm, Hips 117cm, Legs 36-66cm
Size L - Waist 99-116cm, Hips 122cm, Legs 45-68cm
Size XL - Waist 73-122cm, Hips 127cm, Legs 45-71cm
Size 2XL - Waist 80-132cm, Hips 134cm, Legs 45-74cm
Size 3XL - Waist 85-142cm, Hips 144cm, Legs 49-76cm

Material: PVC

Typy adult Baby