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Latexová maska černá
Latexová maska černá
Latexová maska černá
Latexová maska černá

Latex hood Black

Black latex hood

2,799.00 CZK

Latex mask with openings for eyes, nose and mouth! Concealing the wearers identity without restricting their ability to see and breathe. Includes a back zipper for easy access.
Enjoy fetish play and sex at home or outdoors.
It is not nessesary to use powder for easier putting it on. However, if you want to maintain the long life and shine of the latex material, we recommend purchasing suitable and equally essential care products for latex, which are also available on our online store.

Size chart:
Head - Neck
Size S : 52 - 57 cm / 33 - 37 cm
Size M : 57 - 62 cm / 37 - 42 cm
Size L : 62 - 67 cm / 42 - 47 cm

Material: latex 0,35 mm

Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep your latex clothing away from direct sunlight to prevent damage.
Consider Color Sensitivity: Black latex is less prone to damage from light, while transparent, white, and yellow colors are more susceptible.
Handle with Care: Be cautious, especially with metallic and sharp objects like clips, rings, or long nails, to prevent tearing or puncturing the latex.
Preparation for Wearing: Dust the inside of the clothing with powder or apply silicone oil to ease putting it on and reduce the risk of tearing.
Cleaning Process: Use specialized cleaning products for latex clothing. If unavailable, soak the garment in lukewarm water with a little nonperfumed soap added.
Rinsing and Drying: Gently shake off the excess water, rinse again, towel dry the latex, and hang the garment on a hanger to dry.
Preservation of Latex: After cleaning and drying, apply a latex care product - for example, use a sponge soaked in gloss to maintain its elasticity and shine.
Storage: After cleaning and drying, pack the clothing in a dark bag to prevent exposure to light that could damage the latex. Also, separate the colors to prevent color stains.